Joseph Phelps LVMH Case Study

Helping a luxury wine maker grow sales and increase customer loyalty

Table of Contents

Background & Challenge

Joseph Phelps is a division of LVMH, a luxury wine and liquor distributor. They are a boutique vineyard in Napa, California that has a variety of wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and sparkling wine .  They wanted to boost their sales, and also bring customers back to their website more frequently. 

Ryzeo Solution

Ryzeo helped Joseph Phelps design a beautiful popup that captured their brand, and converted at >2%.  The visitors who signed up for this sequence then got a multi-email welcome workflow that showcased all the different wines and additional services, such as wine tours, food tastings and events. Ryzeo also built out several custom workflows around product view abandonment, search abandonment, and others.


Ryzeo’s email automation program, customized for Joseph Phelps, resulted in sending out over 800 automated emails.  These emails had a 78% open rate, a  28% click rate and a 3% conversion rate.  This boosted overall sales over 20%.

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