Shopify Abandoned Cart Email

When you’re selling on Shopify, cart abandonment hurts your bottom line. Ryzeo reaches shoppers at every buying step and pumps up your Shopify ROI!

How to Send Abandoned Cart Emails on Shopify

Step 01

Use our secure PCI - compliant flat-rare card processing service or bring

Step 02

We'll integrate Shopify with

Step 03

Ryzeo will auto send Shopify abandoned cart emails to boost sales.

Why Use Ryzeo's Shopify Cart Recovery Email

Not upselling and cross selling? You’re leaving money on the table. We help you make one-time buyers repeat customers.

Not Just for Abandoned Carts…

Cart abandonment only remarkets to the 5% of the traffic that adds a product. Ryzeo also targets the 95% of site visitors who never get to the cart.

Complement Your Marketing Mix

We provide cart recovery email for Shopify and all major shopping carts via Gmail, Sendgrid and, etc. as part of your digital marketing mix.

Done for You, By Our Experts

We have a custom Shopify plugin and make sending cart recovery emails a breeze. You choose how much you involve us in setup and implementation.

4x More Effective Than the Usual Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Our team can help you create targeted email marketing that appeals to up to 95% of your site traffic, not just abandoned carts.

Email Marketing Features for Shopify Abandoned Cart

Here are some core features that we have found to bring maximum value to our clients.

Pop-ups to Gather Emails

When your customer abandons a Shopify cart, customized rule-based pop-ups can help expand your mailing list without annoying visitors.

Customized Email CRM

Ryzeo’s drag and drop editor and dynamic content makes it easy to tag and segment subscribers, track sales, and customize layout.

Email Tracking

Ryzeo’s email tracking can give you up-to-the-minute information on opens, clicks, sales, social shares, bounce rates, and social views.

Automated Evergreen Campaigns

Ryzeo’s welcome series gives new subscribers and regular customers lots of incentives to keep coming back to your Shopify storefront.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Templates

How to Combat Cart Abandonment on

Why Use Ryzeo

Set Automatic Triggers for Checkout Recovery Emails

Customize Shopify abandoned cart emails by Product Views, Category Views, and more as part of your best eCommerce practices.

Add Promotion Codes

Free shipping offers, coupons and next order discounts all can give your visitors more incentive to purchase.

Tailor Your Emails to Target Specific Insights

Our abandoned cart email templates use dynamic content to customize messages for every step of the Shopify buying process.

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Shopify abandoned cart emails are easy with Ryzeo. You choose the email template you like and:

• Write a catchy subject line and a personalized message (we offer guidelines!)
• Upload a picture of your product or service
• Drag and drop cool effects
• Add alternative options
• Provide a coupon or discount
• End with a simple call to action
• or let Ryzeo write your emails for you!

Ryzeo’s drag and drop editor makes editing your Shopify abandoned cart emails a breeze! Simply drag the photos and text you want to the template and place them where you want. And when you’ve added new pictures, edited the text, and settled on your layout, you can check our detailed Insights to see what impact your new changes have made on your conversion rates.

Ryzeo integrates seamlessly with Shopify and automates the process of sending out abandoned cart emails. Our mail trackers help keep you informed on revenue, opens, conversion rate, and even specific clicks within the email. And our wide approach targets window shoppers as well as abandoned carts to make sure you get the most out of your website traffic.