Abandoned Cart Email Templates

An abandoned cart is a lost sale unless you do something about it!
Browse abandonment emails below that are sure to rekindle your
client’s love for their leftover items.

Our Templates

Ryzeo abandoned cart email templates are effective and strategic. Our data gathering software allows us to understand
each user’s specific onsite behavior and target their needs with dynamic email content.

Prebuilt Workflows

Our team has specifically curated abandoned cart emails that convert lost shoppers into full-fledged clients who come
back for more. We have pre-built workflows with everything from a strong subject line to an effective call to action.

How Ryzeo Can Help Reduce
Abandoned Carts

Email CRM

CRM is understanding what your user values and providing content that matters to them.
Our software captures just the right data to implement effective targeting with good abandoned cart emails that are purposeful in their approach.

Behavioral Automation

Get your creative juices flowing with our thoughtful abandoned cart email examples. When applied to your workflow, these templates take your user behavior into consideration, such as recommending products from recently visited pages.

Dynamic Content

Ryzeo abandoned cart email templates have been proven to garner optimal results.
Use dynamic content blocks to customize the content each user receives based on personal site behavior.

Campaign and Conversion

Track, measure, and evaluate the success of your campaigns. Which emails are resulting in the most opens, clicks, and conversions? These insights and more help us restrategize when needed.

What Makes our Email Templates Effective

Responsive Design

Our abandoned cart templates are designed to adapt to your user’s device. Oversized images, dense copy, and misaligned columns will frustrate your customers. We prioritize space-saving menus and mobile-friendly content for a frictionless shopping experience.

Drag and Drop Workflow Creation

Easily manage and customize campaigns with our user-friendly interface. Our drag and drop workflow creation ensures that zero coding experience is required to create enticing abandoned cart emails that convert.

ESP and Shopping Cart Integration

We’re all about providing our clients with a seamless user experience to avoid friction and promote sales. With our system at your disposal, you foster a better environment that encourages your visitors to spend more.

Smart Message Delivery

The right message, at the right time, to the right customer, and in the right format. Our cart abandonment templates and smart automatic message solution factor in these details to make sure you send a winning email that yields the best outcomes.

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Email Marketing Tips

“When you send out a marketing email is just as important as to who you send it to.​”

Time is of the Essence

The time you send out a marketing email is just as important as who you send it to. The top three time slots are:

1. Tuesday at 10 am

2. Thursday at 8 pm

3. Wednesday at 1 pm

However, when it comes to abandoned cart emails, the first email should go out one hour after a cart is exited without purchase. If the user doesn’t purchase after that first email, you can expect them to change their mind up to 8 emails post abandonment!

Make them an Offer

Do you have to send an offer to the user in the first cart abandonement email? Well, no – no, you don’t. Does it increase the chances of a sale? Yes.

Start small, maybe free shipping or a 10% discount, and gradually work your way up with every email after that. If the 10% doesn’t get them, eventually, you’ll get to 30% and that might just seal the deal!


Be Authentic

Nothing has users hit the unsub button more than emails that lack authenticity and value. Be up front in your emails – no clickbait in the subject line, and no offers they won’t actually find once they get to the cart.

Keep it real and give the users value – give them a reason to stay in touch with your brand.

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Abandoned cart emails are worth the investment because you are working with warm leads who are ready to convert. They’ve already browsed your shop and taken the time to add things to the shopping cart. All they need is a gentle nudge to press the order confirmation button.

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up message sent to someone who leaves a website without purchasing the items in their online shopping cart. So let’s put your branding into play and start sending those recovery messages!

Readily create a cart abandonment email by using one of our templates.
Check the design you like and start with the following:

• Write a catchy subject line
• Write a personalized message or take inspiration from our words
• Upload a picture of the product or service you’re trying to sell
• Drag and drop cool effects to add style to your graphics
• Add pictures of alternative options
• Provide a coupon or discount
• End with a simple call to action

And just like that… you’re done. Edit your work to catch any spelling mistakes and errors before hitting send.

The importance of abandoned cart emails cannot be emphasized enough. Don’t lose out on opportunities to make a sale. At the bare minimum, you must take action and send out at least one cart recovery email.

However, you don’t want to appear too pushy because this will only annoy your users. At most, send out a maximum of three emails. Make sure each email has a specific purpose so it doesn’t feel redundant.