Cart Abandonment Solutions

Skyrocket your sales with Ryzeo’s cart abandonment solutions for e-commerce websites. Our online software uses strategic cart recovery tactics to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate.


How Ryzeo Can Help with Abandoned
Cart Recovery

Email CRM

An abandoned shopping cart means a user added a product to their cart but lacks the confidence to proceed. Ryzeo’s abandoned cart email tool sends out reminders to entice your clients to proceed with the sale.

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Behavioral Automation

Every time a user visits your website, we track their behavior. These insights are used by our abandoned cart software to accurately target a specific user’s needs.

Dynamic Content

User behavior insights further sharpen our shopping cart abandonement solutions. For example, recommended products based on specific site visits are automatically added to each user’s individual email.

Campaign and Conversion Tracking

Our shopping cart abandonment solutions don’t end at ‘send.’ We use email tracking to collect data on opens, conversions, and even specific clicks within the email.

Abandoned Cart Recovery
Campaign Templates

Take advantage of our full shopping cart recovery services – that means we’ll create the campaigns for you. So you can just sit back and watch the warm leads flow back into your sales pipeline.

Free Shipping

New users who browsed the site are enticed with a free shipping offer.

Browse Abandonment

New site visitors who are just browsing will receive tailored recommendations based on their activity on the site.

Gentle Reminder

A mere nudge in the right direction is sometimes all that's needed to complete the sale.

Form Sign Up

If a user fills out a form, but fails to proceed with the sale, they'll receive this workflow.

Why Use Ryzeo

Intuitive Interface

No coding experience is required to use our shopping cart abandonement software. Our interface is easy to use – or you can take advantage of our full workflow creation services.

Drag and Drop Workflow Creation

Easy to create emails are just a drag and drop away. Get creative and generate emails that convert with a simple click of a button.

Advanced Email Segmentation

Our abandoned cart recovery tool makes targeted email campaigns easy. Ryzeo automated email segmentation features include those who made a purchase in the past 90 days, recent site visits, and more.

Trusted Source

ESP’s (email service providers) love receiving our emails because they’re targeted and offer value. Our domain is trusted, which means your emails won’t end up in your user’s spam folders!

E-Commerce Platforms We Work With​

To complement your marketing mix – Ryzeo seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce
platforms – even a custom API









Why Cart Abandonment Solutions are

Warm Leads

Users who visited your website and added items to their carts are what we consider as ‘warm leads’.

Imagine you owned a physical store – who would you consider a closer sale, a customer who just walked in, or foot traffic passing by your front door? You have a better chance at selling to the customer inside your store than inviting someone else in.

So it’s a much bigger loss to you, when that customer decides to leave without making a purchase.


Those ‘warm leads’ at some point had the intent to buy.
Let’s run with the metaphor above – imagine that same customer walked up to the counter with an item to buy,
but then received a phone call and had to leave without completing their purchase.

There’s a very good chance they can come back and buy their items, they just need a little friendly nudge.

Window Shoppers​

With our browse abandonment solutions, even users who didn’t actually add items to their cart are now potential sales.

An email to ‘window shoppers’ can entice them to complete their purchase. So we’re turning semi-warm leads into warm leads with our cart abandonment solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

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Ryzeo abandoned cart recovery software is specifically designed to automatically send reminders to customers who add products to their cart. When they fail to complete the sale and leave half-way through the checkout, we send them a gentle reminder to carry-on. These notifications are never pushy. Instead, they are designed strategically so they don’t even read like a marketing message at all. We encourage the recipients not to miss out on your products and entice them with a strong call to action.

Shopping cart abandonment is a big deal for all online sellers because it means they are losing opportunities to make income. Every time a client puts something in their cart but quits half-way through, that’s a missed sale. As much as possible, you want every client perusing your site and adding things to cart to push through with their orders. For this reason, you need reliable software like Ryzeo to notify your clients every time they abandon their carts.

Shopping cart abandonment is a painful reality for all ecommerce shops, especially since there are many competing shops out there. Even popular stores that garner high traffic still face shopping cart abandonment. On average, 69.80% of clients abandon their shopping carts. You want this to become as low as possible because higher rates equate to more lost customers. As such, you need an effective email marketing tool to recover those lost opportunities.