Welcome Email Series

Make a lasting first impression with new subscribers.
Build brand loyalty by explaing your mission, values, what you offer,
and what they can expect from you moving forward.

Why Use a Welcome Email

A welcome series email flow begins when a new user subscribes to your email list.
It stands out because this workflow has the potential to build long term customer loyalty – as they say – first impressions are everything.

How It Works

Use our template welcome series workflow or we can create a custom workflow for you! You can also use our effective welcome series email examples to gain user trust.

Here are just a few reasons why this evergreen workflow works for brands big and small:

  • Welcome emails are read over 40% more than regular emails
  • They have triple the rate of conversions over regular email campaigns
  • More than 70% of users expect a welcome email immediately after they subscribe
  • The first 48 hours are when users are most engaged with your brand

Winning Welcome Email Series Templates

Our welcome email campaign series enables you to customize both formatting and text. You can even craft multiple templates for different areas of the site or different domains.

Why Use Ryzeo

Customer Profile Builder

We capture the site and email interaction behavior of individual users. These insights enable you to target your users more effectively with content that will build loyalty.

Email Segmentation

The insights and data gathered via our customer profile builder allow us to segment users into different groups based on their individual behavior.

Event Tracking

Interactions with emails are specified down to each unique link. This helps us understand how users are responding to emails, where to best place calls to action, and more.

Responsive Emails

Our emails are designed to fit the ratio of each user’s device. This ensures that images and text are displayed correctly across all screens.

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Email Welcome Series Best Practices


We’ve mentioned the importance of dynamic content – but what about the one-liner that’s going to determine if the user opens up your email?

That’s right, your subject line should also be dynamic – in that it includes personalizations such as the user’s first name. This makes your customer feel appreciated and seen.

Your pre-header is another way to entice the user to jump into your email. Don’t lay it all out on the table, leave something to be desired and inspire curiosity in your soon to be reader.

Make it Even More Personal

Personalized emails means higher conversion rates. Make your email content stand out by adapting to each individual user’s interest.

One way to do this with Ryzeo is by offering recommendations based on the site pages your user has visited.

This tells your user that you’re paying attention and care enough to cater to their wants and needs.

Timing is Everything

Users are expecting an email as soon as they subscribe to your list. That’s the wonderful thing about our welcome series workflow – it’s automated. As soon as a user subscribes, they’ll receive their first email from your brand.

Ensure that your content is timeless, or as we call it – evergreen. That way you can set it and forget and the automation will do all the work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

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Every welcome sequence must start with an introduction to the brand. You can say hello and introduce your business before moving on to other topics.

These can be long emails that narrate your brand story, thus creating an emotional connection with your reader.

An email sequence is automatically sent to targeted segments on your email list. This email series should start as soon as your user subscribes to your list. It is recommended to send 4 to 6 emails in your welcome email series.

You need to build your brand’s trustworthiness, reputation, and help your subscribers before pushing for a sale. In many cases, five emails gives you enough space to dedicate content to a specific topic.

Welcome emails are critical since they have a high open-rate and encourage more clicks. They also provide your subscribers with relevant content at the right time when they are most receptive to it.

Our team can set this up for you to ensure triggers are in place to automate your series.