Upsell and Cross-Sell Emails Solutions

Ryzeo takes advantage of trends as they happen and sends
upsell emails to interested customers. Our AI-powered Recommendations Engine targets by categories like brand
and browsing history.


Prebuilt Workflows

Our ready made workflows incorporate best practices for successful upsell and cross-sell campaigns to customers. And if you need something different, we’re happy to customize for your needs.

Ryzeo's Cross-Sell and Upsell

Not upselling and cross selling? You’re leaving money on the table. We help you make one-time buyers repeat customers.

Behavioral Email Segments

Segment lists by customer behavior. Create a VIP list of high spenders. Use viewer data to target ads by product and brand.

Recommendation System

Ryzeo’s Recommendations Engine sends your visitors product recommendations based on browsing behaviors, purchases and more.


Our Screenpoppers gather email addresses for upsell emails and cross sell emails with a typical 1-3% Conversion Rate.

Pre-Built Workflows

Professional workflows built for professionals by a team with decades of email marketing experience.

How Ryzeo Can help Upsell and Cross-sell

Our segmented upsell emails and cross sell emails are a sales strategy that encourages customers to buy a higher-end version of a product than what they originally intended to purchase.

Email CRM

Ryzeo’s system boosts your sales with personalized emails offering an upsell or cross-sell on a prior purchase or reminding customers about offers.

Behavioral Automation

The Recommendation Engine’s AI-driven algorithms track client behavior to determine when to send Upsell or Cross-sell emails.

Dynamic Content

User behavior shapes our cart abandonment and upselling solutions. Recommended products are tailored to each user’s email based on various triggers.

Email Tracking

Ryzeo’s email tracking will keep you updated on open rates, clicks and sales and to offer upsells and cross-sells.

Why Use Ryzeo

Intuitive Interface

Ryzeo’s tools and services are easy to use and integrated with every major shopping cart and e-mail provider for a seamless digital marketing mix.

Drag and Drop Workflow

Ryzeo’s applications let you plan, execute, and monitor email marketing campaigns simply by dragging and dropping text and images.

World-Class Support

Each client has dedicated US-based account support via email, phone and zoom. We also offer hands-off processes that let you control your campaigns.

Guarantee 4X ROI

If your Ryzeo plan doesn’t increase your revenue 400% of the amount you’re paying, we’ll credit you the difference.

Platforms We Work With









Effective Upsell and Cross-sell Strategies

Personalize Your Subjects

Ryzeo can help you do business on a first-name basis, and send upsell emails geared to their buying and browsing tastes.

Provide Specific Value

Your email content and marketing campaign are data-driven by your customer's proven needs and interests.

Make it Simple

Emails with links help you direct your user to your product quickly. Upcoming orders are a great chance to sell more items.

Be Helpful

Make it easy for customers to find your contact information. Understand your customer's wants and needs.

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What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions​


You should upsell customers anytime a purchase is made, and some of the best upsell opportunities can be found in targeted email. Establishing an email relationship with your buyers and offering them products and discounts that catch their interest can have enormous positive effects on your bottom line. Your second and subsequent sales will always be easier than your first.

Upsell marketing strategies encourage customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. A successful upsell email must make it as easy as possible for your customer to upgrade, and should be personally targeted to your customer’s interests based on available buying and browsing data.

A well-done welcome email series can make new customers feel at home, and open the way to successful upselling and cross selling email campaigns. Ryzeo offers targeted email marketing solutions that will keep your customers coming back for bigger purchases. Our personalized bulk email solutions leave customers work, unlike mass-produced spam mails that just leave them hitting delete.

One of the best ways to upsell is through a post-purchase upsell emails. While many retailers respond to purchases with cross-sell emails that advertise related items, upsell emails can be much more effective. Offering a higher-end choice may cause less buyer confusion or reluctance than showing a recent buyer a bunch of similar items.