Email Tracking

Make a lasting first impression with new subscribers.
Build brand loyalty by explaing your mission, values, what you offer, and what they can expect from you moving forward.

Why Ryzeo’s Email Tracking Software Works

“Without accurate email tracking tools, there’s no real way of knowing how well your emails are performing.
Ryzeo email tracking software monitors delivery, opens, clicks, conversions, and more.”

Track Opens

How many of your users received your email versus how many of them actually opened it. The average email open rate should sit above 20%. Email open tracking can help you achieve that goal.

Tracks Clicks

Keep track of which links within your emails are working. A healthy click rate is 16% – with a click-to-open rate of over 2%. Ryzeo’s email tracking system can help you polish your click percentages.

Track Sales

Tracking sales from emails will help you restrategize when needed to hit a healthy conversion rate of above 2%.

Other Insights

Our email tracking software also allows you to monitor bounce rates, social views, and social shares. All of these metrics work together to help you polish your strategy and increase your bottom line.

How to Use Ryzeo Email Reporting

Anyone can collect data – but using email campaign reporting strategically is what
really counts. We make it easy to digest
email insights so you can focus on
increasing revenue.

Email Opens Data

Email subject lines, delivery dates/times, and quality subscribers all contribute to your open rate. Make sure you're following industry best practices to increase your visibility.


Our email tracking software complements Ryzeo dynamic content. Increase your conversions by providing users with personalized recommendations with our email automation.

Click Data

If you're getting opens but not enough clicks, you'll want to double-check that the content of your emails is engaging and value-filled. Align email content with what's in the subject line and place CTAs strategically.

Why Choose Ryzeo Email Automation

Browse abandonment campaigns are largely overlooked on most email marketing solutions. Our software focuses on capturing these leads by funneling users into campaigns earlier on in the process. Here’s how we get it done.

Easy to Use Interface

Our drag and drop workflow and email creation feature make it easy to excel at email marketing. We also offer full service so you can rely on us to create campaigns that succeed!

Automatically Segment Your Audience

Tracking email interaction and user site behavior provides insight into how each user should be approached. Our software then uses this data to segment your audience and create intelligent and dynamic workflows.


Our site pop-up feature is effective at growing your email database. This feature is rules-based and gives us the opportunity to track user site interactions that can be applied to dynamic email marketing campaigns.

E-Commerce Platforms We Work With

To compliment your marketing mix – Ryzeo seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce
platforms – even a custom API









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Frequently Asked Questions​

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Tracking emails is safe for both the sender and the receiver. Essentially, this tool is used in order to provide more tailored marketing or communication efforts.

Sales email tracking tells the sender whether or not their email has been opened by the receiver instantaneously. This provides the sender with an opportunity to follow up for better-timed interactions. When you track an email, that is in no way forcing the receiver to respond or interact with you.

No, it’s not illegal to track emails. As a matter of fact, email tracking is common with major players in the email marketing industry.

Many compare tracking an email to opening up someone’s physical mail – these are inherently and legally not the same thing. Opening someone’s physical mail is illegal and punishable by law – we don’t currently have that type of protection for email.

Having said that, please keep in mind that email tracking tools are not invasive. They are not used to pry into the personal life of the receiver, but rather just to notify the sender that the email has in fact been opened. So this can be more fairly compared to seeing someone receive their physical mail – which violates zero laws.

The purpose of an emails tracker is to increase the likelihood of successful communications between sender and recipient.

In lead generation, email tracking is valuable in that it notifies the sender when an email is opened, prompting them to follow up at a time when the lead is more likely to respond.

In other forms of email marketing, email campaign reports including open rates are valuable in that they provide insights to the user of how effective their strategy is. This allows them to change subject lines, try different delivery times, or other similar actions to ultimately help them increase conversions.

Ryzeo makes tracking an email campaign simple and automatic. Our email tracking system provides insights into delivery, opens, clicks, unsubs, conversions, revenue, and more. We also use these insights to complement user behavior and event tracking on your website and automatically segment users. This allows for smarter workflows and easy boosts to your bottom line.

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