Post-Purchase Email

Nurture customer relationships with post-purchase emails that engage with both first-time buyers and repeat customers. Use this email marketing strategy to amplify customer loyalty and retention.

How to Setup a Post-Purchase Email

Our team will build an effortless workflow for you, using a tested post purchase email sequence that conveys your message to the right target audience. We can positively impact your business by generating repeat sales.

How Ryzeo Can Help with Post-Purchase Email

Customer Profile Builder

Take a minute to identify your targets with our effective system that automatically segments your audience based on product purchased, brand, product type, and more.

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Campaign and Conversion Tracking

Our email purchase series gives you constant access to valuable data. Get the chance to track how effective all your past and present emails are.

Customizable Templates

You have the option to customize our professional templates or make your own version using branded colors and graphics, assuring you convey effective messages.

Easy to Use Interface

Ryzeo experts ensured newbies to professional marketers can use our dashboard and features with no experience beforehand. Accessible and intuitive UI make this possible.

Ryzeo Post-Purchase Email Campaigns

Combine email deliverability services with our post-purchase campaign strategies so your emails don’t get junked. Instead, nurture relationships and build loyalty.

Product Review

What your customers think is important to us. We have emails focused on gathering critical details from your clients to understand how they like your products.

Customer Feedback

Get immediate feedback from our special emails that probes your clients on their satisfaction with your website, products, and customer service.

Grow Social Media Followers

Encourage your customers to join your social channels on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels.

Drive Additional Purchases

Add a coupon and personalized recommendations to drive cross-sell purchases.

Why Use Ryzeo's Post-Purchase Emails

Increase Your Revenue by 5-10%

Our proven email marketing system increases overall revenue by 5 to 10%. Get to see the actual numbers on our dashboard and see who bought what.

World-Class Customer Support

You won’t feel lost because we’ve got dedicated, US-based account managers at your disposal. Get easy access and connect anytime via email, phone, or Zoom.

4x Guarantee ROI

We typically achieve 4x revenue to the amount you pay us. If we fail in our mission, we will credit the difference, giving you a risk-free experience.

Full-Service Set up

Our team will set up cart integration and reporting. We take care of all email workflows, templates, and copies, making sure they all align with your branding.

E-Commerce Platforms We Work With​

To complement your marketing mix – Ryzeo seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce platforms – even a custom API









Post-Purchase Email Best Practices

Be Mindful of Your Email's Timing

Customers need immediate reassurance that their order is placed. We’ll worry about What to Include in an Order Confirmation Email. From there, timing is everything. Send updates when:

• You’ve shipped
• Give thanks
• Ask for feedback

Always Take Customer Behavior Into Consideration

We automatically segment your audience based on their browsing history, purchase history, and other email interactions. Customer feedback is critical so we also send product review email.

Don't Over Do It

Tempting as it may be to flood your clients’ inboxes, keep it under control. Don’t annoy them by sending what’s more than necessary.

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what our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions​

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Based on audience segmentation, we can make recommendations for emails that you send after a customer makes a purchase. It usually includes a thank you purchase email message, along with:
• Order summary
• Contact information
• Cost breakdown
• Estimated time of shipping

You can also send automated follow up emails after purchase to give updates on packing, delivery status, and upsell or cross-sell other products.

Create post purchase email campaigns for your Shopify customers. This will send an immediate order confirmation. From there, you can also send a post purchase follow up email, such as updating them on the packing and delivery status. Don’t forget to customize these email notifications to include your branding details. Moreover, you can also utilize Shopify cart abandonment emails to remind shoppers that they have products waiting.

It’s easy with the help of our team. You can readily use our post purchase email automation and take the stress out of sending these emails. If you prefer to customize your own, try our WooCommerce post purchase email template. It saves you tons of time because you already set up the messages ahead, even WooCommerce cart abandonment emails, and the software just does the rest.