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Grow Sales

Create attractive marketing newsletters with Ryzeo that show off your products and drive sales. Increase subscriber loyalty through strategic and segmented email newsletter campaigns.


Our Templates

Our team of experts work together to create prebuilt business newsletter templates that you can use to simplify email creation. Take advantage of our smart solutions and grow sales with layouts that are proven to get results.

How Ryzeo Can Help With Your Email
Newsletter Creation

Full Service Solution

Our complete newsletter email service is extended to all clients no matter which plan they’re on. We customize your layout for to align with your branding, and use best practices to optimize for clicks and sales.

Easy to Use Editor

Create your own newsletter campaign with our intuitive email editor that requires zero dev experience. Drag and drop buttons, text, dividers, and sections into your email layout, then double click to edit size, add links, and more.


Although an e-newsletter is sent to segments en masse, you can still target users individually. Use recommendation content blocks to populate products in your e-newsletter based on user browsing behaviors, most popular items, and more.

Smart Segmentation

Easily segment your users manually or rely on our automated segmentation that uses web and email tracking to better target your audience based on product views, lifetime value, and more.

Email Newsletters Creation Process

If you use our full-service option – our team of experts will build out the HTML for your email newsletters. Here are just a
few ways you can build successful campaigns should you choose to do so yourself.

Adding Content

By clicking the ‘+’ at the top left hand corner, you can drag and drop the following blocks of content: button, text, dividers, navigation, and social icons. You can also add sections such as columns, forms, a video, or embed piece of content.

Image Library

Upload your own images or use our royalty-free stock libary to add visuals to your email newsletter mockup. Simple search for an image then drag and drop it into the email layout.

Edit Specific Sections

You can mass edit parts of your email by clicking ’email’, ‘section’, ‘column’, and ‘image’. This simplifies changes you make to the background, border, font, and more of those specific sections.

Gather Data

Simply click on images and buttons to add links to your website, email replies, or subscriber links such as ‘unsub’ or ‘share’ links. These will be tracked for clicks throughout the campaign’s lifetime to measure success.

Why Use Ryzeo


Ryzeo’s pop-up creation tool allows you to integrate a rules-based process that captures emails of new users. We only target unique visitors and have a success rate of up to 10% of new traffic.

Event Tracking

By gathering emails through strategies like our pop-up feature, we can track site interactions and use that data for targeted and dynamic content.

Expert Monitoring

Not only do we offer full implementation through our email newsletter service, but our experts also work with you to review your campaigns. We ensure the best possible results and restrategize when needed.

Smart Message Delivery

Our automated software tracks browsing users and sends out a 1:1 campaign if the user left the site without making a purchase. We use smart, targeted delivery that’s focused on boosting revenue.

Platforms We Work With

Rzeo’s email newsletter service and tools integrate seamlessly with all major eCommerce
platforms – even custom platforms.









Email Newsletter Workflow Best Practices

We have extensive expertise in how to implement the best email newsletter workflows, that’s why our clients love our full service option. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Keep it Mobile Friendly

Our full newsletter email service means we'll take care of implementation for you - and all of our templates are mobile friendly and optimized for all devices and operating systems.

Content is King

Users won't care about your company newsletter if you don't care about their interests. E-newsletters are about offering value, don't turn it into a sales-call, but rather let the audience know what's new in an enticing manner.

Keep Your Timing in Check

One off newsletter campaigns can be sent as required, just no more than twice a week. But if there's that much excitement that you need to send out emails to users twice a week - ask us about our evergreen campaigns and smart segmentation.

Tell Subscribers What to Expect

Building your email newsletter subscription database is more about quality than quantity. Make intentions clear at the time of subscription to filter out users that will probably not open your emails anyway.

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What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions​


With our email newsletter tool – we do the work for you! Although our software’s drag and drop feature is intuitive, our clients rely on our expertise to create email newsletters and workflows that are optimized for revenue boosts and customer loyalty.

Tuesdays at 10 am, Thursdays at 8 pm, and Wednesdays at 2 pm are widely known to be the best slots for email delivery. Having said that, it depends on who you ask. Gurus in the space conflict on best days and times and that’s because it ultimately comes down to your specific audience.

Start sending your email marketing newsletter at the previously stated days, but as your data grows, you’ll base delivery on when your emails get the most opens, when they tend to get the most clicks, and finally, when the most conversions are taking place.

An email newsletter subscription should not be taken lightly. Every user is valuable and has put their trust in your business to offer them meaningful content that appeals to them.

So the question is, how much value can you possibly fit into an email that your user will also view as valuable to them.

Dynamic content is important here because if your email newsletter service is segmenting your users intelligently, then offering valuable content is way easier. At Ryzeo, we use dynamic content to appeal to each user individually. This results in higher open rates, click rates, and ultimately conversion rates as well.

The best way to introduce an e-newsletter is by inserting exactly what you promised in the content. Welcome your subscribers and let them know you appreciate them – then give them exactly what they were expecting based on your promises. If your call to subscribe detailed discounts in every email, then that should be included within your content. Show them integrity by sticking to your word and your users will stay loyal.