Email Newsletter Templates

Email newsletters are crucial to digital strategy. They build brand awareness, loyalty, and drive traffic through your lead funnel.

Our Templates

Ryzeo email newsletter templates drive clicks and engagement with strategic design and eye-catching visuals. Use our drag
and drop feature to easily customize our pre-made newsletter layouts.

Prebuilt Workflows

We take customer service to another level. Aside from our list of email newsletter templates, we provide our users with prebuilt
and even custom built workflows. It’s our way of ensuring our
client’s initiatives follow best practices.

How Ryzeo Simplifies Email Newsletter


Our drag and drop editor makes using our email newsletter templates a breeze. Tag and segment subscribers, track conversions, and customize the layout with zero dev experience.

Dynamic Content

Ryzeo email newsletter designs allow you to add dynamic content blocks such as top sellers, trending products, ‘items you would like’, and ‘products others are buying’ with a simple drag and drop.

Mobile Optimized

No matter which device or operating system your users are plugged into – our emails are designed to fit-to-scale.

1-on-1 Customer Service to Customize Your Campaigns

Unlike other email newsletter services, your chosen plan doesn’t dictate the level of service you receive. We’re happy to create email newsletter templates that are customized for your needs.

Why Our Email Newsletter Templates Work

Detailed Reporting

Every newsletter sent is monitored by our software for opens, clicks, and overall success. These insights help us create even smarter campaigns based on real interactions with your subscribers.

Visual Appeal

Your email should not only read well, it should look good, too. Our visually appealing newsletter layouts follow up to date best practices that have been proven to capture user attention.

Maximized Impact

The email newsletter format your business needs might be more visual than text based or vice versa. We’ve created optimal designs for different industries to garner optimal results.

Smart Message Delivery

Your subscribers live in different time zones and continents – our smart message delivery ensures that newsletters are sent based on specific geographical regions.

Platforms We Work With

Our services integrate seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms – even custom platforms.









Email Newsletters Best Practices

Your newsletter is your point of contact with subscribers – give them a reason to keep coming back.

Videos are Powerful

Videos in newsletters have been proven to increase open rates and click through rates by substantial amounts. That’s because they’re more easily digestible and users gravitate towards easily digested content.They’re also a great way to get many messages across quickly in your email newsletters.
Ryzeo’s editor makes it easy to embed your videos, so you can include value filled content and clear calls to action.


Not a Sales Call

When choosing the right email newsletter template for your business – keep in mind that the audience is expecting value. Go beyond telling them about any news and upcoming promo. Aim towards building connections and offering value.

Be sure to give your users what they were promised in the call to subscription – if you mentioned there’ll be a promo code in an email, make sure you add that in front and center.

Test, Test, and Test Some More

Try multiple email newsletter templates simultaneously. Use Ryzeo tracking and insights to understand why one is working better than the other.
Make adjustments to your templates as you go along until you land on an email newsletter design that performs optimally.
Use that template as your benchmark, and test others against it – because there’s always room for growth.


First Impressions are Everything

Your subject line will make or break your open rates. Here are two tips to creating subjects that work:

1. Keep it short – 41 characters or less ensures that the full subject appears across devices and email platforms.

2. Be honest – Tell users what’s inside the email without giving it all away. Clickbait is the fastest way to an unsub.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

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The email newsletter format your business needs might be more visual than text based. We’ve created optimal designs for different industries that have been proven to garner results and are a great place to start.

The best approach here is to test different layouts and let the data decide what the best email newsletter templates are for your business. After these A/B trials run and gather data, you can make a more informed decision that’s based specifically on your audience’s reaction.

We’ve put together newsletter email templates for you to choose from, but you can also customize them based on your preferences. Our easy to use drag and drop feature means you don’t need any dev skills to put together an appealing newsletter email template in no time at all.

We can also help you along the way! At Ryzeo, we build workflows and templates based on our clients needs, no matter which size plan they’re on!

You can quickly get started with Ryzeo’s full service feature – meaning we’ll create your workflows and email templates! We’ll also walk you through our easy to use and intuitive software so you know your way around!

If you are looking to create the entire workflow on your own, we suggest starting with one of our newsletter email template workflows. There, our drag and drop feature makes it easy for you to make changes where needed.

To create a newsletter template with, simply follow these steps:

1. Login to your Ryzeo account
2. Click ‘Create / Send’ found on the top menu of your dashboard
3. Choose to use and customize one of our pre-built email templates, your personal HTML code, or a custom template we built for you!
4. Drag and drop the features you want to include in your email and you’re all set!

Once you’re all done designing your newsletter template, reach out to our team – we’d be happy to provide feedback based on our expertise.