Case Study – “Ancient Elixir”

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“Ancient Elixir” is a supplement company selling oils and tinctures, focused on “health, happiness and wellbeing”. Founded in 2011, the owner developed the company as a way of passionate about sharing the experience of tonic herbs with his friends.  The company is dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs.


Ancient Elixir had a very strong ecommerce business, but no email marketing program, and wasn’t actively collecting emails. They needed a way to bring customers back to their website to finish their purchase. With a relatively small team, the marketing director didn’t have the time and skill to work on email / lifecycle marketing full time, and couldn’t easily stay up to date with new ecommerce technology. Finally, the company wanted to grow sales without having to spend aggressively on digital ads.


Ryzeo studied the business, and implemented its proprietary high-performing email automation system, consisting of 5 different workflows for different stages in the buyer funnel, including product/browse abandonment, welcome flow, and cart abandonment. They then customized the copy to Ancient Elixir’s brand and style, and created branded email templates.  The system performed well, achieving a 99% delivery rate, 60% open rate, 5% click rate, and a 10% conversion rate within 30 days of customer opening an email. More importantly, it brought customers back to Ancient Elixir’s site, and increased total revenues substantially.


  • Ancient Elixir added over $100k in new sales per year.
  • Grew email revenue from 0% to over 40% of sales.
  • Grew their email list to nearly 100k email addresses.

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