Charmshop Case Study

Helping a jewelry and charm seller increase sales and stay in touch with their customers

Table of Contents

Background & Challenge

“Charmshop” specializes in quality charms & jewelry. They work with well known brands like Kendra Scott and Swarovski, as well as making their own house brand. They offer a full variety of women’s jewelry, including charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

Jewelry ecommerce is very popular, Charmshop operates in a competitive market. The company need to both grow sales and encourage customer loyalty, to make more sales from the existing customers, and to grow the user base.

The company wanted to scale sales, but didn’t have the manpower for a full-time email marketer, but they wanted to be able to continually engage with their customers, and continue to show them their latest offerings.

Ryzeo Solution

Email Capture

After analyzing the client’s requirements, Ryzeo implemented an Agency Services model to help CharmShop scale. The first step was to implement Google Tag Manager to capture all email addresses entered on site, through both their newsletter signup and their purchase workflow, to help them build their email list for remarketing. Over time, Ryzeo was able to help them build up an email list of over 700k subscribers.


Ryzeo also helped Charmshop build out a series of triggered email automations around browse abandonment, cart abandonment, post-purchase and others. Each of these automations had copy customized to the company’s brand and style. 


Ryzeo implemented our product recommendation AI system. For all automations that showed the customer a product they had viewed, it would also show three other recommended products based on that customer’s browsing history.

Automated Newsletter

CharmShop wanted to send out a newsletter, but didn’t have the time to create one every month. So Ryzeo implemented an automated newsletter, which emailed new product recommendations each week to the customers.  The newsletter showed products in three categories: most popular, trending, and personalized recommendations.

Email Campaigns

For email campaigns, Ryzeo worked with CharmShop to build a stylish, high quality responsive email template using images created by the company and built out by Ryzeo:


Ryzeo helped CharmShop achieve some incredible numbers in email automations:

  • Open rate: 65%
  • Click rate: 10%
  • Conversion: 3%

Overall, Ryzeo helped the CharmShop increase email sales to 12% of total revenue. Automations added 8%, and email campaigns and automated newsletters added another 4%

This helped the company add tens of thousands in additional sales.

Lessons Learned

Ryzeo helped CharmShop make over $1.2m in email sales, and send over 200k emails. Over that time, we learned a few lessons about what drives sales in the luxury jewelry industry:

  • Overall, campaign emails can outperform automations if enough emails are sent out per month
  • Emails need to have high quality graphics and design to perform well
  • A Personalized Product Recommendation system can increase sales from 8-20%
  • Browse Abandonment drove the most sales, followed by Cart Series.  The welcome series only had about 25% of the sales as these other automations.
  • The abandoned cart series had the highest conversion rate (as we might expect) of 5%, but the product series converted at 5% and had roughly 2x the volume

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