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It’s that most wonderful time of the year! The 2021 holiday shopping season is officially underway, and experts predict that consumers will go big

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year! The 2021 holiday shopping season is officially underway, and experts predict that consumers will go big. Deloitte predicts that global sales during the November 2021 to January 2022 shopping season will reach $1.3 trillion. Many of those sales will happen online. Consumers accustomed to the flexibility, convenience and selection offered by ecommerce stores are turning to their favorite digital storefronts to make their holiday wishes come true.The Adobe Digital Economy Index projects record-breaking online sales volume this year, with $207 billion in transactions taking place between November 1 and December 31. Year-over-year, holiday ecommerce sales are expected to grow by 10%. Is your ecommerce site to grab your piece of the holiday shopping pie? Maximize your revenue and break some records of your own this holiday season with the following tips:

Check your UX:

Adobe predicts $86 billion in sales will come from smartphones this holiday season. Keep mobile shoppers happy with simple navigation, large easy-to-locate buttons, fast load speeds and convenient autofill features. Whether your visitors use their mobile device for comparison shopping or complete their checkout, make their experience smooth and hassle-free.

Speaking of hassle-free, test your buyer’s journey from start to finish. Is there room to remove friction? A recent cart abandonment survey by Baymard found that 18% of consumers who abandoned their cart at checkout were turned off by a long complicated checkout process and too many form fields.

Stay connected with your customers by collecting their email addresses before checkout:
A well-placed retargeting ad or abandoned browse email campaign can win conversions by reminding shoppers of what they liked about your store and giving them a reason to come back.

But you can’t continue the conversation if you don’t know who has visited your site. Use a series of strategies to gather this information, starting with a welcome pop-up asking visitors to share their email addresses. Increase your pop-ups conversion rates with engaging images and copy that tells visitors what’s in it for them.

Popup Example from Ryzeo:

Don’t ask your site’s visitors to give up too much information, though. A study of pop-up performance found that conversion rates decline when you ask people to fill more than two data fields.

Deliver a personalized experience at scale with on-page recommendations and automated email campaigns:

Your visitors’ email addresses are the starting point to creating personalized shopping experiences at scale. Track your visitors’ browsing and purchasing behaviors to build customized product recommendations and offers they’ll love.

Your customers expect you to give something in return for the information they share with you and an automated email campaign is a perfect way to do it. According to the State of Personalization 2021 report, 42% of consumers expect brands to send them relevant offers within 24 hours after first contact.

Automated browse and abandoned cart email campaigns deliver value to your customers and increase your revenue. A well-timed prompt can convince 87% of shoppers to return to your site.

Be transparent with your customers about important cut-off dates and inventory shortages:

A bad delivery experience can ruin an otherwise great customer relationship and hurt your reputation. Be proactive in the face of supply chain struggles. Communicate potential inventory shortages and delivery delays clearly on your product and checkout pages. Win conversions by helping your customers solve their shopping dilemmas. If the item they want is out of stock or won’t make it in time for their holiday gift exchange, offer alternatives on your site and in your email inventory status updates.

Also, encourage your customers to order their special items early, so they aren’t left empty-handed when it’s time to open presents. Fitness Factory sent this email to its subscribers on November 7. The email offers a price-matching guarantee to overcome shoppers’ concerns about missing out on a better deal. And if you aren’t doing email marketing yet, we can help you with that.

If you are ready to implement these strategies and take your share of the huge sales up for grabs this holiday season contact Ryzeo. We can get you up and running in days so you can start seeing those order roll in. What kind of results can you expect? On average our customers see an uplift of a whopping 8% – 10%. What do you have to lose?LETS GET STARTED

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